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Ode from Otis

Ode from Otis is a website designed to raise funds for two amazing charities Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital & Ronald McDonald House.

Otis unexpectedly arrived on 31st August 2017, 14 weeks premature, weighing 1lb 5. He was born in a ‘poor condition’ and on day 1 it was discovered that Otis had bleeds on both sides of his brain, which had occurred in the womb (a grade 2 and a grade 3). His prognosis wasn’t good, and on day 28 he became critical. His brain bleeds developed to a grade 3 and 4, his oxygen requirement hit over 100% and his blood pressure reading dropped to 12. But Otis kept fighting. Without the support and care of Noah’s Ark and Ronald McDonald House Cardiff, he wouldn’t be where he is today.


The website was developed to allow for online donations, a silent auction, online raffle tickets, events and links to support for families of premature babies.

Ode for Otis raised a whopping £13,110! To say we’re delighted is an understatement!


Ashley Bale IT Services worked with Otis and family to develop a responsive and easy to use website for free of charge.

Allowing for online donations, silent auctions, raffles and content to support two charities that we are grateful to for making sure Otis is here today.

Ode from Otis
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