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Charity Job Finder

Charity Job Finder is an online job platform built for advertising third sector jobs throughout Wales.

Charity Job Finder advertises jobs to find talented and ambitious people to work in the charity and voluntary sector. At this site you’ll find all kinds of job opportunities, from senior management roles to fundraisers, carers, admin staff and beyond.


Charity Job Finder is embarking on creating a digital platform that allowed third sector charities, organisations and social enterprises to advertise, attracting the right candidates for the roles on offer.


We wanted to upgrade to a better platform. Ashley understood what we were trying to achieve with our project. He is always quick to respond to any questions and has helped us improve CJF above and beyond our expectations. In a competitive market Ashley Bale IT Services gives us the competitive edge.


Charity Job Finder’s offers a easy to use job search engine, with SEO – Search Engine Optimisation throughout their site ensuring that jobs are easily accessible online.

The site offers bilingual access to both English and Welsh to users. The job engine is fully responsive across devices and offers accessibility tools.


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Charity Job Finder